Do you own 10 or more hectares of land?

Lease it and earn up to 4,000 GBP per hectare per year thanks to photovoltaics.
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How does this
opportunity work?

Hundreds of construction companies around the world are looking for unused land where they can build solar PV plants.

These companies are willing to lease the land and cover all installation and maintenance costs.

If you own 10 or more hectares of land, this is a great opportunity to earn money!

In fact, you can get a guaranteed income of up to 4,000 GBP per hectare per year for 25 years.


Advantages for Land Owners

High Yields

You will get 5-10 times higher returns than other types of rent:
Livestock land: 160 GBP/ha
Agricultural land: 600 GBP/ha
Land for photovoltaics: 2500-4000 GBP/year

Zero Cost

The construction companies will cover all costs: insurance, maintenance, construction.
In addition, the same company will take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork related to the process.

Guaranteed Income

Thanks to the lease contract, you will receive a fixed annual amount that will be paid at the beginning of each year.
The contract can last 25 years or longer, depending on the agreement.

Potential for Double Income

If the investor allows it, you could continue to use the land under or near the panels for activities such as grazing sheep, planting wild flowers and other agricultural uses. In this way, you can benefit from a double income from the same land.

Environmental Sustainability

Thanks to photovoltaics you can generate clean energy and contribute to the fight against climate change. You will also help the UK take another step towards energy independence.

Social Benefits

Photovoltaic power stations create new services and jobs, improving the well-being of our society. They also help local communities by providing clean energy to schools, colleges and hospitals.


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About Us

Solar Energy Land is an intermediary company specialising in land consultancy and valuation.

Since 2008, our job has been to facilitate the connection of solar PV developers and landowners, to maximize profit for both parties.


Why Trust Us

Independent Advice

A team of consultants with over 12 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector will help you understand the real potential of your land.

Preliminary Analysis

Before proposing your land to investors and companies, we will analyse it to verify the requirements and feasibility of the project.

Lease at the Best Price

Our database contains dozens of construction companies and investors. Our job is to help you find the right company for you, with a view to maximizing your income.



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