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Conditions d'utilisation


A. The Company

The Company with the company name “SOLAR ENERGY LAND OÜ” (hereinafter “the company”), located in Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 158-88, 11317, Estonia, Reg. No. 16272083, email and telephone number +30-2110150742, which has been legally established and operates under the Estonian Law, is active and specialized in the development of photovoltaic plants in European countries.

The Company investigates, evaluates and promotes real properties – pieces of land, which, if deemed appropriate for the development of photovoltaic plants, are registered in a database. Further intent of the aforementioned registration is their promotion to investors who have already expressed their interest on them and want to proceed with their investment.

The present website – platform creates the suitable environment so that all its Users – who are divided in two categories (landowners and investors – developers) – have the following options: the landowners register their own piece of land, the latter is evaluated by our specialized team and, if deemed appropriate, it is registered in our database. In this way, the investors can have access to this configured database with the land properties that can be used for the construction of a photovoltaic plant. Additionally, the investors have access to the data of lands’ owners in order to start negotiated procedures. Our company does not in any way involve in the negotiations and in the lease or sale agreement between the owners and the investors.

B. Definitions

In the context of the present Terms, the following definitions are described:

  • Users: For the present website, the users are divided in two categories: a. the Users – Individuals and b. the Users – Investors. In particular:
    • User – Landowner: the owner or the possessor or the joint owner or the limited owner of the piece of land who uses the website in order to fill in the fields of the registration form to properly register the land and set it for evaluation. If deemed appropriate, the aforementioned persons use the website for registering the land in our database.
    • User – Investor: all natural and legal persons registered in the website, in order to have access in the database of the evaluated pieces of land.
  • Database: the collection of evaluated pieces of land accompanied by owner data, which have been systematically or methodically arranged.

C. Purpose

The present terms and conditions aim at regulating the relationship between Users, either Landowners or Investors, and our Company, concerning the use and the operation of the website as well as the rules governing this website.

D. General Conditions for signing-up

Everyone has the right to subscribe as a User provided that he is full-aged (over 18 years old) with contractual capacity, as well as legal entities.
All Users who wish to sign-up as Users – Landowners, should be the owner or possessor or joint owner or limited owner of a piece of land with a surface of at least 2 acres. It should be noted that the valid registration of the User – Landowner in our website is required for the registration of the evaluated piece of land. The User – Landowner should fill in all the fields of the pre-formulated registration form which can be found in the section “Landowners”. In addition, photos or other related documents can be attached, if the User – Landowner so wishes.
All Users – Landowners who wish to sign-up have to register at least the following data:

  • User – Landowner first and last name
  • Valid and active e-mail address, contact telephone number
  • Main characteristics of the user’s piece of land (surface in acres, the number of owners, legal pending, natural or non-natural barriers around that may cause shading of the land, the degree of slope of the land, electricity power lines network, the precise location of the land).

The User – Landowner can amend the above-mentioned information without prior notice at any time.

It should be noted that the User – Landowner is aware that it is very difficult – if not impossible – to develop a solar plant in the following cases: if the land is in forest area, if the land is close to the sea (usually if it is located less than 100 meters from the sea), if the land is within an archeological or protected historical area, if the land is located within the borders of an environmentally protected area and especially within the limits of Natura 2000 network. In the above-mentioned cases and in any other case that a piece of land does not comply with the required conditions, our Company has the right to refuse its registration to our database. Furthermore, our Company retains its right to delete each and every piece of land without prior notice, if it does not have anymore the characteristics with which it was evaluated for its entering to our database.
The User-Landowner’s registration is free of charge.

The User – Investor, either being natural person or legal entity, should fill in all the fields of the pre-formulated registration form which can be found in the section “Investors – Companies”.
All Users – Investors, who wish to sign-up, have to register the following data:

  • User – Investor’s first and last name
  • Valid and active e-mail address, contact telephone number

Our Company enters into a contract with each potential User – Investor in which all the terms and conditions are defined in detail.
When the User – Investor is registered and the aforementioned contract is signed, the User – Investor will receive, via e-mail, a unique password with which he can have access to our database. This password will be active up until the User – Investor’s subscription expires. It is explicitly stated that this password should be used only by the User – Investor. In the event that our team finds that the password is being used by any other third party, our Company has the right to de-activate it immediately.
All Users accept the present conditions and terms provided that they have read and understood them completely. Moreover, the Users are required to inform the Company immediately of any changes of the above-mentioned personal data. They should also ensure that these data remain accurate, complete, reliable and true. The contractual capacity is an essential condition for the valid registration of the Users.

E. Modification of Terms

Our company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Terms on specific or important grounds. Users have access to the applicable Terms here. Users are advised to visit the present Terms section of the website often in order to be informed about the latest updates.

F. Intellectual property rights

Without prejudice to any explicit provision to the contrary in the present website, the entire content and the information provide through the website, including but not limited to any texts, designs, logos, graphics, drawings, distinctive characteristics and photographs, and in general any files whatsoever of the website, constitute intellectual property of our Company (Solar Energy Land), protected pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Greek and European Legislation as well as the international conventions. The Users of the website cannot republish, disseminate, reproduce, transmit, amend or save to their computers the above-mentioned in any electronic or other way, and for any reason, without the explicit permission of our Company.

G. Payment Methods

In the event that the final agreement between the User – Landowner and the User – Investor is reached, User – Investor should pay to our Company a success fee.
The amount of the success fee is specified in detail in the aforementioned contract between the Company and the User – Investor. Consequently, our Company should be informed by the User – Investor forthwith and in writing about the progress of negotiations. Moreover, the User – Investor is obliged to inform us about the reaching of the final agreement (oral or written) concerning the lease, the sale or the exploitation of the land. When the User – Investor pays the agreed success fee, our Company will immediately issue the appropriate tax invoice. The submission of an application to the relevant competent authority, for a piece of land being in our database, is considered to be a presumption that this application is the result of the User – Investor’s access in our Company’s database. Therefore, our right to payment for a succession fee is being automatically activated. The payment is made either by Paypal or by cheque in the bank account indicated by our company. It should be noted that our Company is not in any way involved in the lease or sale agreement between the landowners and the investors.

H. Right of Withdrawl

The User – Landowner has the right to withdraw and unregister the land without stating the reasons for doing so. In case that our Company has already evaluated this piece of land, we have the right to request the costs and expenses for the evaluation of this land. The withdrawal should be submitted by the User – Landowner online at . The statement of the above-mentioned withdrawal should be clear and explicit. Likewise, the User – Investor preserves the right to withdraw without stating the reasons for doing so. However, the withdrawal should be a clear and explicit statement submitted online at . Our company is not obliged to return the fee that the User – Investor has already paid.
It should be noted that if an application for the licensing of a photovoltaic plant is submitted to any relevant competent authority, our Company is entitled to the aforementioned success fee, even if the User withdraws.

I. Exclusion of liability

The information including in our database is used only for information purposes. Our Company is not liable for any up-to-date information posted on the initiative of Users – Landowners and our team has not evaluated them yet. The Company may – without any obligation – observe, control or process the content of data which is uploaded by the Landowners.

J. Privacy and Cookies Policy

Click HERE to view the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.

K. Force Majeure

Our Company is not liable for delays in the evaluation and promotion of the pieces of land, which are due to force majeure. Examples of such events are strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, government of legislative acts etc.

L. Applicable Law

The present contract (Terms of Use) is governed in its entirety by and construed in accordance with Estonian Law. The parties agree that they shall make every possible effort to settle any potential controversy between them amicably. In all cases of non appeal or failure of amicable or alternative resolution of the controversy, the courts of Tallinn shall exclusive jurisdiction.



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